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Attention, the address for your return parcels is changing! GRUNGEMAMA, 14 bis avenue Hermès 31240 L'UNION 


A look back at the day I met you in Madrid on Saturday, June 01...

A look back at the Madrid meet-up that took place on Saturday June 1, 2024...

I wanted to give you a little review of this wonderful day in a city (a capital city!) that I'm very fond of. I'd already told you about my love for this city at the opening, but that's another story...

When I get back from a meet-up, the girls at the office are always asking me how the day went. So I thought I'd share my experience with you too.

It's always a real pleasure to meet you at meet-ups. It's an opportunity for me to exchange ideas with you. You're a source of inspiration. You give me feedback on the collection, tell me about your desires, your lives... These moments are special, filled with kindness... I love it... 

During a meet-up, I also present previews! You've been raving about the new CLIVE jeans and zebra BOBI pants. You can now find the new items right here.

Fittings are always an incredible moment. I can see you all trying on and talking to each other, asking for advice, laughing out loud... great times!

During the day, we brought you several events.

@tarotdelaluz came to draw your cards, and many of you had your questions answered! You were delighted with the in-store experience.

It's been a while since I wanted to offer you an animation like this. Thanks to @tarotdelaluz for visiting and sharing.

I like to offer you tattoo flashes whenever I can. It's aesthetically pleasing, and you get your message across discreetly. In short, I love tattoos!

This time, it's @joshreyeshn, founder of @aureatattoomadrid, who's popped into our Grungemama store! Many of you were tempted by his art.

By the way, for the record, the team and I tattooed a little star in the palm of our hand. It's that kind of spontaneous moment that I love...

Thanks to the team for their welcome and their smile.

These moments of sharing and meeting new people are very precious to me.

Thank you for being part of this Grungemama adventure, I promise you many more wonderful surprises!

I hope you enjoyed this little article...

With all my affection,